Precision Marketing – A fresh new start

Precision Marketing - A fresh new start

Sydney Australia, March 20, 2014

Dear Business Partners and Colleagues

I’d like to inform you of some recent changes to the ownership or our business and share with you our vision for the future.

Business Ownership

Following a recent review of the business, Precision Marketing is no longer part of Macquarie and we have acquired full ownership. I’d like to thank our colleagues at Macquarie for their support and engagement since our business was established five years ago.

Moving Forward

When Precision Marketing was established the vision was to disturb the direct insurance distribution landscape across Asia through the delivery of a real value proposition to our partners. We challenged the preconception of the traditional direct business model in the market and offered a much more meaningful and integrated solution. Across Asia we cultivated trusting and long term external business partnerships, delivering solid results, innovative distribution and meaningful financials along the way.

We continue to work with some large global players in the reinsurance market which see significant opportunity in engaging our philosophy and our business model.

We are focussed on growing our business within our existing and new markets with extended products and services.

The core individuals within the Precision Marketing business remain a tight knit team. We continue to be outwardly focused, willing to listen and learn and considerate of our external corporate relationships. We’ve also acquired some excellent new talent to further develop our marketing and operational functions within the markets that we operate.

Most importantly, we continue to focus on our core value proposition within the Asia Pacific region.

  • We’re not a traditional marketing company; We believe the mainstream model for distributing most financial services products is flawed; it’s not about short term revenue gains and quick wins, but a sustainable, considerate data driven approach that ensures that customers of our business partners are receiving the most appropriate offers that are likely to fall in line with their financial comfort zone, via a distribution medium they are familiar with.
  • Our business partners retain control; we bring the expertise, campaign platform, and related consulting solutions to our partners, not the other way around. It’s an opportunity for our partners to learn and grow with us, eventually developing the skill set to ‘do it themselves.’
  • We are local; we understand our partners’ local markets and their culture. Over 85% of the Precision Marketing team are ‘locals’ and understand the language, business etiquette and cultural aspects, ensuring we get things done the right way.
  • We are flexible and encourage dynamic decision making; our data analytics capabilities are ongoing, and are carried out in real time. This means we can continually strive to meet the required KPI’s and program expectations.

Moving forward, I do firmly believe that our continued success is predicated on our honest, transparent approach to doing business in Asia, our strong internal and external relationships and continually doing our very best to deliver to the promises we make either formally or informally.

I hope to spend time with all of you at some stage throughout the year. Also, please enjoy our weekly marketing insights, available on our website.

Yours Sincerely

Keith Lowry
Chief Executive Officer