Precision Marketing launch with two new Co Ops in Japan.

Precision Marketing enter into a partnership arrangement with Sinarmas MSIG Life in Indonesia.

Tokyo Japan, May 27, 2014

MPM Japan, Precision Marketing’s Japan based business is expanding their insurance marketing program with Co Op, with the recent introduction of Co Op Okinawa and Co Op Tohto to the eight Co Ops currently involved in the program.

The Co Op retailing businesses consist of store operation, home delivery, catalogue and internet businesses. They all involve the sale of food and non-food items, as well as a range of other services through multiple channels to their members.

Insurance is now a major part of the Co-op’s offering to members and the home delivery business represents a unique form of distribution for Precision Marketing, and their insurance issuing partner on this program, Kyoei Fire and Marine.

There are approximately 19 million members, with Co-Op membership extending to over 35% of Japanese households across 140 regions. We are currently working with 10 Co-ops representing over 3 million members.

“About 60% of the total turnover for the Co Op retailing business is coming from their sophisticated home delivery operation, which plays a major role within our successful multi channel insurance distribution strategy” said Yas Okamoto, Managing Director, MPM Japan.

“We’ve learned a great deal since we launched the program back in 2012, and our objective is to continually expand the program, introducing new Co Ops and accessing new members for the Kyoei Fire and Marine product offerings” said Yas.

Products currently available to members through the program include cancer, medical reimbursement and injury insurance.

Contact:       Yasuaki Okamoto
Managing Director, MPM Japan Limited